The labs affiliated with the Institute for the Next Jewish Future are committed to experimentation and collaboration.

jU Chicago represents a new approach to working with college and graduate students to design Jewish experiences and communities that resonate with Jewish young adults. jU takes inspiration from organizations like Reboot and Moishe House that are working successfully with young Jewish adults off-campus. Its mission is to inspire and empower every Jewish student at the University of Chicago to build a meaningful Jewish adult life while at the University and after graduation. jUChicago also disseminates its innovative approaches and methods through publication and training.

The Jewish Enrichment Center of Hyde Park is a Jewish place where children can play and explore Judaism in ways they want, with materials that spark imaginations. It’s a Sunday and after school program that fosters friendship, curiosity, critical thinking, and empathy. Our long-term projects let children express their ideas about Judaism in clay, conversation, blocks, dance, and a hundred other “languages,” as part of the long tradition of Jewish conversation. All Jewish children are welcome and valued at the Jewish Enrichment Center – unaffiliated, congregational, and day school families alike.

Mishkan Chicago is Mishkan is a burgeoning spiritual community in Chicago reclaiming Judaism’s inspiration and transformative essence. Not bound by a particular location, we meet for soulful musical prayer and learning, at homes and spaces all around the city, from synagogues to yoga studios.

SVARA is a traditionally radical yeshiva dedicated to the serious study of Talmud, the record of a Jewish tradition that has always been radical. Its mission is to offer serious Talmud study as a spiritual practice to all who want to learn, in an environment that recognizes as crucial the insights of transgender, intersex, queer, lesbian, bisexual and gay Jews, as well as those of others whose voices have been excluded from the Talmudic conversation until now. SVARA aspires to create interpretive communities dedicated to restoring Judaism to its radical roots so that it might once again be a voice of courageous moral conscience in the world and reflect the truest possible vision of what it means to be fully human.